How to Turn the Basement Into a Living Space

basement remodelingThe basement is often thought of as just a storage area for the furnace and pipes. However, with a little basement remodeling Sykesville MD, the room can actually become an extra living space. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to what can be done with the area. It can be made into a guest room, a game room, or a bar room just to give you a few ideas.

Before beginning your basement remodeling Sykesville MD, the room needs to be tested for moisture. This can be done by taping a plastic sheet to the floor or wall and letting it sit for about a week or two. If water droplets form on the surface, then the room needs to be dehumidified. This can be achieved with an indoor air purifier.

If the basement contains overhead pipes, consider concealing them with a drop ceiling. These are similar to the overhead panels used in offices. As for the space, maximize the room by incorporating built-in shelving or cabinet furniture. Since the basement is prone to moisture and mildew, limit the use of wood-based furniture and accessories.

The lighting also needs to be taken into consideration especially if the room lacks windows. This is one area where you can really get creative. Some options to consider include overhead scones or string lights. For added illumination that also adds aesthetic value, add a few LED lava lamps.

Basements also have a reputation for being cold and uninviting. This is why you should cover as much of the cement flooring as possible. A carpet is a good option. A large rug will also suffice if you’re looking for a more economical alternative. Laminate wood flooring is yet another choice worthy of contemplation.

Basement remodeling Sykesville MD is a great way to add value to a room that may otherwise be underutilized. Contact a contractor to learn what can be made of the room and what is possible for your budget range.

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