Remodeling Your Bathroom? Follow These Simple Tips

bathroom-mainSince the bathroom is the smallest room in the home, small renovations go a long way. Bathroom remodeling Westminster MD gives the room a welcoming ambiance whenever you step inside to take care of personal hygiene. If you really want to spruce up this part of the home, then follow these simple tips that will really give the bathroom a fresh whole new look.

Start with the walls, which will most likely contain tile. The plain white, glazed tiles are the generic choice, though for a little more aesthetic value, consider heavily textured surfaces, such as stone or limestone tiles with grout. Keep in mind, however, that these tiles may need to be replaced more often as they are porous and more vulnerable to warping. If you want a tile that’s visually appealing, long lasting, and easy to maintain, then aim for glazed porcelain tiles with a surface that mimics the appearance of textured stone.

The bathtub also makes up a huge portion of the room, so this is definitely one aspect of bathroom remodeling Westminster MD that you should consider especially if the tub is worn. Minor discoloring and mildew stains can be removed with a lime scale cleaner. Older stains and visible signs of scratches, though, may require the entire tub to be re-glazed by a professional. There is also the option of having the entire unit replaced if you feel it’s time for a switch.

Smaller renovation points include small additions, such as swapping out the towel bars and rings and adding a few décor items on the sink counter or on the toilet tank. Feel free to get creative and experiment with different types of figurines or plants. To really make it personal, add a few handmade crafts your children made at home or school.

Bathroom remodeling Westminster MD is an investment that will really make this section of the home more lively and appealing from both a homeowner and guest standpoint. Get in touch with a contractor if you think the bath is due for a makeover.

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