Top Ideas for Basement Remodeling in Westminster, MD

If you’ve been thinking about a home remodeling project that can significantly contribute to the enjoyment of your home, as well as add value when it comes time to put your house up for sale, look no further than a basement remodel. There are limitless options for basement remodeling in Westminster, MD, but the main thing to consider is what would have the greatest impact on the living in, and loving of, your dwelling. Here are some options to contemplate for this type of project.

A Home Theater

If you’re a movie buff, a gamer, or simply someone who wants to enjoy the best quality entertainment options available, consider installing a home theater in your basement. One of the advantages of doing this here is that it’s often going to be easier to install wires needed for surround sound and mount a flat screen television than it would be in the finished rooms of your home.

Exercise Room

You’ll no longer have an excuse to forgo exercising when you have a fantastic home gym in your basement. Whether you want a huge setup for basement remodeling in Westminster, MD, that includes several options for working out, or something simple such as a treadmill and a stretching area, the space can be tailored to your unique needs.

Home Office

If you, like many people nationwide, are working a telecommuting job or even just spending some of your time at home doing work-related activities, think about setting up a space that’s tailored for this purpose. You can add shelves, desks and credenzas in order to have an ideal area free from distraction and suited to you.

Additional Tips

Whatever you choose to do with your basement remodeling in Westminster, MD, follow these guidelines for the best outcome:

  • Recessed lighting: As basements are often window-less and dark, it’s crucial to pick the appropriate lighting. Recessed lighting is the best option because it doesn’t come down from the ceiling and make an already-compact space appear smaller.
  • Carpet tiles: Basements often have cold, concrete slab floors which are unwelcoming to a guest. Consider covering them in carpet tiles, which are easy to swap out if they get damaged.
  • Finish with the ceiling: Selections for ceiling materials include drywall or paneling to hide the pipes, ductwork and joists. You might also leave these parts exposed but paint them for a more unfinished look.


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