Make a Splash With Bathrooms Designed for Kids by Kids

One of the great things about owning your home is being able to have everything just like you have always dreamed. 

Children’s bathrooms are the perfect place to go a little wild with colors & themes.  These rooms are typically small, out-of-the way and used exclusively by the little ones.  While adult baths are often very sedate in neutral tones and with clean, no-nonsense lines, there is room to have a lot of fun with a child’s bathroom. You may even consider asking your little ones to help in the process.


Of course, if we left every design decision up to the kids, we’d likely end up with a bathroom that nobody wanted to use.  

Taking the time to consult your children for bathroom remodeling is a good way to demonstrate to them that they are citizens in a loving community.  Investing themselves in the improvements, they will be more likely to feel responsible for upkeep for years to come.

Bright festive colors, tiles that create interesting illusions or illustrate elaborate scenes and fixtures that address the magic of imagination are just a few of the elements might incorporate into your design plan.


The key to successful children’s bathroom design is to create a space that is fun and functional but, more important, works for the kids as they grow older.  

To ensure that your bathroom renovation holds appeal for years to come, it is a good idea not to incorporate characters whose scope is limited to specific age groups into schemes that should grow with your children. Consider sports, arts or universal themes that address the whimsy of youth without seeming too childlike or juvenile.

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