Siding Provides Protection and Style

Installing new siding is not always thought of as a glamorous endeavor. But did you know that poor siding can compromise the entire function and appearance of your home? If it is in poor condition, you could end up paying a fortune for repairing and damage control. Siding is a defense against moisture getting into your home and damaging the interior walls. Renovating siding in Columbia MD can be a rewarding and creative process when you know exactly what you are looking for.


Choosing Your Look


Picking the right siding can set up the style for your entire exterior design. Choose from a large variety of options to pick the best one for your home. Each variation can promote a different style. For horizontal siding you may choose from up to three options. These could include clapboard, which is created from authentic wood planks and overlapping joints, dutch lap, which is created with curved row, and beaded, which is created with a sculpted beaded ridge. For vertical siding you might choose from board and batten, a centuries-old design featuring elegant batten strips. If protection from the outside elements is your main concern, then insulated siding could be the perfect choice. This may also help you lower your heating and cooling bills by achieving an energy-efficient environment.


Added Accents


There are also shakes and scallops to consider when remodeling your siding in Colombia MD. Traditional shake is made from a deep cedar grain texture to further enhance the paneling. Scallop is a unique style also made from a cedar grain that will create a uniform yet very unique finish. The hand-spit shake is made from rough-cut edges and will give off a rustic feel. Finally, the cape cod shingle will provide a clean-line design from cedar grain texture to promote both charm and sophistication. With a vast array of profiles and textures, you can truly find the right combination to suit your exact needs. When choosing the right siding in Colombia MD, you can ensure that your house remains both strong and stylish.

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