4 Small Details That Enhance a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen renovations are one of the most popular home upgrades because they can substantially increase the functionality of a home. Even more, many homeowners can recoup the cost of the project with increased home value. Although certain features like cabinets and counter tops take priority during kitchen remodeling in Elliott City, MD, make sure you do not forget the small details.

1 – Separate Recycle and Trash

One simple way to improve the kitchen is to install separate areas for recycling and trash. When these are built-in to your kitchen, it is often easier to get rid of waste and recyclables. These simple built-ins also improve the visual appeal of a kitchen.

2 – Outlets

Another small detail to consider during kitchen remodeling in Elliott City, MD is extra outlets. Most people need more plugs than they realize, and it is nice when these outlets are convenient to use around the kitchen.

When you are installing outlets in this space, you may want to select a place to charge your phones. Some homeowners like to install special plugs in cabinets or drawers. This way the area is away from the mess of the kitchen, but it is still very accessible.

3 – Dimmers

Good lighting is also important in a kitchen. While you probably want brighter lights to cook with, softer lights are ideal during dining. This is why dimmers are a valuable upgrade. You can also install multiple switches so it is easy to control the lighting from different parts of the kitchen.

4 – Air Switch

Instead of using the typical switch for your disposal, you can install a handy air switch. This can be mounted on your counter next to the sink so it is much easier to dispose of unwanted food.

Obviously, the right cabinets and counter tops are a major concern during kitchen remodeling in Elliott City, MD. However, these small details will make a huge impact.

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