Do You Want One or Two Sinks in Your Bathroom Remodel?

Many people remodeling their bathrooms are contemplating whether or not it is necessary to add an additional sink. Sticking to one sink can save money on your bathroom remodeling in Columbia, MD. However, you might regret the decision later. After all, two sinks offers many unique benefits.

Time Saver

When you have two sinks, you can easily save time getting ready in the morning. Most people lead busy lives, and they want to get out of the house quickly. If you share a sink, you may have to plan who uses the sink at certain times. With two sinks, you never have to rotate between brushing teeth and washing hands.

Personal Space

Two sinks also gives people their own space, which is usually preferred. You can keep your own toothpaste by your sink and even use your favorite soap to clean your hands. There will also be less germs or residue from someone else using the sink.

Stays Clean Longer

In many cases, having two sinks will promote a cleaner environment. People are more likely to clean up after themselves. However, when someone else has recently used the space, they are less likely to make the same effort. After all, it is not as appealing to clean up both your germs and someone else’s. If this is the case with your one-sink bathroom, you will probably notice an improvement in the cleanliness with two sinks.


Most prospective buyers prefer bathrooms that have two sinks. For this reason, bathroom remodeling in Columbia, MD can easily increase your home value when you add another sink. It is likely that you will be able to recoup your investment in added home value.

If you want to add another sink during your bathroom remodeling in Columbia, MD, then contact a contractor for help. Together you can determine the right layout so your bathroom is easier to use.

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