What You Don’t Know About Kitchen Cabinetry

kitchen remodeling mt. airy md

The impact that quality, custom crafted cabinetry has on the kitchen as a whole cannot be overstated. A dark wood set of cabinets can make the mood of the room serious, rustic, or elegant, while lighter colored kitchen cabinets can brighten the kitchen and make it seem larger than it really is. When it comes to kitchen remodeling in Mt. Airy, MD, here are some things you need to take into account for the sake of your future cabinets.

Many Aspects of Wood Combine to Create the Cabinets You See

The unique beauty of a mahogany or a cherry wood cabinet is even more distinctive than you might think. So many different factors go into making a wood grain what it is that it’s impossible to replicate two of the same exact cabinets. The grain pattern variation, the grain color variation, and the wood’s unique markings all play a part in determining the final look and feel of your cabinets.

A Cabinet is More than Its Wood

Did you know that two trees that were grown right next to each other and milled into interior use lumber can produce completely different grain finishes and colors? A custom kitchen cabinet is more of a wild card to produce than you might think. Even though you might know the precise wood species you want, so many factors can influence the look of that piece of wood, such as the tree’s climate, nutrient access, and age. Homeowners are advised to be open and flexible when it comes to the look of their cabinet grain, since there is so much room for uniqueness.

Warmly finished and beautifully handcrafted cabinetry has a lot more to it than what meets the eye. Homeowners considering kitchen remodeling in Mt. Airy, MD, should make it their business to be well informed about the wood, quality, and finish of the kind of cabinets they want to invest in.

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