How to Make a Sunroom Addition Work for Your Home

sunrooms hampstead md

In the world of home remodeling, sunrooms often get a bad rap. Some of the reasons for this are: it can be difficult to regulate the temperature in this type of room, it does not always add a significant amount of value to a home and heating and cooling sunrooms in Hampstead MD and other places can be expensive. However, there are ways to make this type of addition workif that is what you want.

Regulating Temperature in a Sunroom

It is true that if you simply construct a room out of everyday glass, the temperature inside the room will fluctuate along with the outdoor temperature. If you live in an area with extreme temperatures, this is a problem. If you do live in a place that has four seasons, you can have your sunroom built as a “four seasons” room, with insulated glass walls and other elements, like radiant-heated floors and a gas fireplace.

The Question of Home Values

Adding on sunrooms in Hampstead MD may or may not make your house easier to sell, if that is your goal. Although such a room may not directly add to the home’s value, if it is comfortable and inviting it may still be a significant selling point. The bottom line is if you plan on living in your house for a while, and you really love the idea of a solarium, four-seasons room or attached greenhouse, then make the leap and have one put in.

Energy Efficiency

Modern glass and polycarbonate windows offer much higher insulation ratings than old-fashioned, single-pane windows. Specific design elements can also help your new sunrooms in Hampstead MD be more energy-efficient. For example, try adding functional skylights that you can open during the hot summer days, letting some heat escape naturally. Include functioning windows in the wall design, too, to make the most of afternoon breezes.

Sunrooms might be considered a must for people who love the outdoors but have to stay inside during certain parts of the year. Whatever type of addition you choose, take the time to design it carefully so that it gives you a comfortable place to enjoy for years to come.

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