Redefine Your Kitchen With Zones


Organization is a key ingredient of a well-designed kitchen.

Merrell Building can help you to easily create a kitchen that maximizes your space and creates an efficient, organized, and beautiful environment for the room making it the center of your home with the use of zones.
  • Food Storage
  • Prep Zone
  • Cooking Zone
  • Tableware Storage and
  • Cleaning Zone

Food Storage solutions is comprised of pantries, pullout shelves, and lazy susans.  Adding a pantry obviously add extra storage space, which is something every homeowner can get excited about, but it can also declutter your kitchen.  Pull-outs and lazy susans also significantly increase the storage space and are very easy to organize and maintain. Locate this zone near your microwave and eating area to ensure convenient and happy snack times.

Create restaurant like efficiency by keeping all your essential tools close at hand in the Prep Zone. Cutting boards, knives, spices, and small appliances can all find a home with solutions. For maximum efficiency, the Prep Zone should be adjacent to the Cooking Zone. Proximity to the Food Storage and Cleaning Zone areas would be convenient as

Make cleanup a breeze with a well designed Cleaning Zone centered around your kitchen sink. From pull out storage for cleaning items and dish towels to waste containers and recycling centers. Add efficiency to your Cleaning Zone by designing it in proximity to your Cooking, Storage, and Tableware Zones so dirty dishes from cooking go right to clean up and clean dishes from the dishwasher can be easily stored away.


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