Evolution of the Work Triangle

“While the house as a whole is among the more traditional and conservative elements of society, the kitchen is quickest within the house to reflect new concepts of comfort and convenience. It is here one finds technology changing fastest. Yet the kitchen’s traditional role as the hub of family life remains.”

– Merritt Ierley, The Comforts of Home

Zones help kitchens maximize space and create an efficient, organized, and beautiful environment.  They also improve the organizational flow allowing your kitchen to meet your lifestyle, culinary interest, and aesthetic preferences.  Kitchens today provide much more than meals.  It is the gathering place for friends & family, the homework center, it has even become a computer workspace and home office.  Understanding your family’s unique needs is the key to a comfortable kitchen space.  Consider the following:

  • number of cooks
    • one?
    • two?
    • one with helper(s)?
  • frequency of meals
    • which meals are prepared at home: breakfast, lunch, dinner, other?
    • do you entertain frequently and for how many guests?
  • types of meals prepared
    • does the family eat a limited or wide variety of food types?
    • are there special meal requirements?
    • do any food preferences require specialized equipment such as woks, grills, etc…?
  • other functional areas required?
    • baking or sewing centers?
    • office area?
    • walk-in pantry?


Conventionally, the kitchen sink, refrigerator, and cooking centers are linked by an invisible single work triangle


Think of kitchen zone design as an extension not a replacement for the tried and true traditional work triangle theory.  Zones are really just the natural evolution of the kitchen work triangle.

Consider a zone for guests or create a kids’ zone.  

No matter what you may be considering for your kitchen remodeling project, Merrell Building can help you through your options. 


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