Meet John and Alison

John and Alison had been considering a kitchen remodel for almost two years. They needed to get back the space in their formal dining room, which wasn’t being used. They had a lot of wasted space, but ironically, they wanted more space. In their kitchen, they also had floor and carpet damage from the dishwasher leaking. They were concerned about a long renovation project.

  • Dining room is now usable space because it’s connected to the kitchen
  • Items in kitchen all have homes in new cabinetry
  • Updated and modern kitchen
  • Increased valuation of home

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Choosing a General Contractor

John and Alison called four companies before choosing Merrell Building Enterprise. The couple immediately gained confidence with Moses, who had his tape measure on the first visit. Moses gave specifics from the onset, and he was honest with them about their ideas.

John said he chose Merrell because “I could trust you and you weren’t afraid to tell me something I didn’t want to hear.”

Merrell Building Enterprise provided three design options for John and Alison, and the company assisted with multiple issues that came up during the remodel. The HVAC returns were not compatible with the new design and had to be reconfigured. The design team also worked with the couple for the best placement of the island to provide the right functionality within the kitchen. During the remodel, Merrell helped the family by creating a temporary cooking station so that the inconvenience was minimal.

The Final Product

The end result combined the space in the formal dining room and the kitchen by removing the wall between them. The project manager made sure that the dishwasher leak got fixed, and the renovation team enlarged an exterior window for more natural light in the kitchen. Alison is extremely delight and very happy with her new room. Her only complaint is that she has so much cabinetry space, she cannot find anything now.

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