What You Don’t Know About Kitchen Cabinetry

kitchen remodeling mt. airy md

The impact that quality, custom crafted cabinetry has on the kitchen as a whole cannot be overstated. A dark wood set of cabinets can make the mood of the room serious, rustic, or elegant, while lighter colored kitchen cabinets can brighten the kitchen and make it seem larger than it really is. When it comes to kitchen remodeling in Mt. Airy, MD, here are some things you need to take into account for the sake of your future cabinets.

Many Aspects of Wood Combine to Create the Cabinets You See

The unique beauty of a mahogany or a cherry wood cabinet is even more distinctive than you might think. So many different factors go into making a wood grain what it is that it’s impossible to replicate two of the same exact cabinets. The grain pattern variation, the grain color variation, and the wood’s unique markings all play a part in determining the final look and feel of your cabinets.

A Cabinet is More than Its Wood

Did you know that two trees that were grown right next to each other and milled into interior use lumber can produce completely different grain finishes and colors? A custom kitchen cabinet is more of a wild card to produce than you might think. Even though you might know the precise wood species you want, so many factors can influence the look of that piece of wood, such as the tree’s climate, nutrient access, and age. Homeowners are advised to be open and flexible when it comes to the look of their cabinet grain, since there is so much room for uniqueness.

Warmly finished and beautifully handcrafted cabinetry has a lot more to it than what meets the eye. Homeowners considering kitchen remodeling in Mt. Airy, MD, should make it their business to be well informed about the wood, quality, and finish of the kind of cabinets they want to invest in.

Countertops Built to Last

kitchen remodeling hampstead mdWhen planninga kitchen remodeling in Hampstead, MD, you will be faced with many choices to make, including cabinet layout and space optimization. However, one of the most important decisions to make is your countertop material. Of all the options available, granite stands out as the forerunner, both aesthetically and functionally. Though more expensive than other materials, such as tile or laminate, granite offers superior benefits and lasts longer.

Hard as Rock–Because It Is Rock

One of granite’s strongest selling points is its durability. Since it is made of solid stone that is actually stronger than many metals, it would take a sledgehammer to do any real harm to your countertop. Generally, granite consists of a blend of mostly feldspar and quartz. Both of these minerals rate between a 6 and 7 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. To put that in perspective, diamond is a 10, which means granite is nearly 70% as strong as diamond, the densest natural mineral in the world. Suffice it to say, granite will have no issues facing the demands of daily wear and tear.

Scratch and Stain Resistant

Because of its strength and durability, granite is also extremely scratch resistant. In fact, you are more likely to dull your knife on your countertop than you are to scratch the granite. Similarly, due its density, granite is mostly nonporous, meaning it does not easily absorb the dirt and grime that lead to stains. With the addition of a sealant, which need only be applied once every two years, your granite countertop will be virtually impervious to scratches and stains. This has sanitary benefits as well, since bacteria is unable to fester in the pores of your countertop, which is a problem with many wooden and synthetic materials.

If you are curious about granite countertops or kitchen remodeling in Hampstead, MD, consult with a local contractorto find out more information.

You Know It’s Time for a Bathroom Remodel When…

As a homeowner, sometimes it’s pretty obvious when you need to totally remodel an area of your home and start from scratch. Situations like a leaky ceiling, a rotting floor, or broken plumbing make this clear. But sometimes, it’s not so obvious. In order to know when you should be in the market for a bathroom overhaul, let professionals in bathroom remodeling in Ellicott City, MD help.


You’re Just Sick of Looking at the Same Old Stuff


If your bathroom has become more of a place to store old junk that you want to forget about, you may to consider doing a remodel to breathe fresh life into your private space. Every homeowner knows that sometimes you can just get tired of staring at the same dated sink fixtures day after day. You probably never liked them in the first place.


Your Cabinets and Faucets Remind You of the Past


When your bathroom reminds you of a bygone era, and not in a good way, you might want to consider an upgrade. Instead of grinning and bearing that 1970s cabinetry, you can reinvent your whole world by updating your bathroom accessories and creating a room that you actually want to be in.


You Want a Place to Escape and Retreat from the World


If you’re hoping to create a bathroom that is your own personal spa, let professional bathroom remodelers take your vision and run with it. From custom designed whirlpool tubs and handcrafted cabinetry to private dressing areas, your new bathroom can be exactly how you want it.


Bathroom remodeling in Ellicott City, MD can be as fun and creative as you want it to be. Enjoy the experience of working with the pros to take your bathroom to the next level, and get ready for your guests to be impressed.


The Bottom Floor: Unleashing the Potential of Your Basement

Homeowners tend to have a love-hate relationship with basements. Either they adore your renovated basement, after having turned it into a complete home theater or fully functional office space, or it remains the dark dungeon of the house that no one dares venture near. The truth is that many homeowners who haven’t renovated their bottom floor don’t realize the usable space and capacity that can be locked in the basement. Consider basement remodeling in Ellicott City, MD, to see the incredible potential that you could be living just above.

A Remodel Can Change Everything

Basement remodeling does more than bring light into a possibly dark space; it completely transforms a space into whatever you envision. Even if your basement may have moisture or plumbing issues, may lack windows and natural light, or may feel cold all year round, professional basement remodelers  can work with these factors and create a livable space that you’ll want to be in. Whether you want to add on an extra kitchenette or a third bathroom, or you just want to do some touch up work to the ceiling, the pros can make it happen.

What Could Your Basement Become?

If you’re stumped for ideas when it comes to turning your basement into the next big thing, here are a few to get you thinking. Basements make prime time territory for:

•    Workout and fitness centers
•    Kid’s play rooms and workshops
•    Extra office spaces or work rooms
•    Teen hang out spaces
•    Recording studios
•    Libraries
•    Guest suites or apartments
•    Home theaters

These are just a few of the potential spaces that basements can transform into seamlessly. Browse a photo gallery or your favorite home design magazine to come up with more. After basement remodeling in Ellicott City, MD, your bottom floor could become your new favorite spot in the house.

Renew Your Space with Basement Remodeling

A basement is not just a place to store things when you don’t need them. Make the most of your home’s interior spaces by consulting with experts in basement remodeling in Mt. Airy MD. Transform storage areas into places to play, entertain guests or to sit quietly and get away from it all.

You can use space in the basement to create a guest room or an additional room for a family member. There is no need to consider moving to a different home when space can be converted for this purpose. If you need to add or remove walls or work with plumbing issues in your basements, professionals can show you the best way to do this and complete the job affordable and promptly.

Many people rely on basement space to store things they don’t use regularly, so maximize your basement storage space with added areas. Create a new closet or an area underneath the stares for keeping larger items long-term.

If you want more peace and quiet and make your home seem larger, try converting basement space into a family room for playing and watching television. Remodeling professionals can ensure all areas are safe and attractive. Make alterations in the wall, the stairs and add carpeting and a coat of paint to make the area look like new.

Remodel a portion of your basement space into a small alcove for reading or resting. A small area can do wonders for your peace of mind and is suited to taking a nap, reading or having a quiet conversation. Prior to renovating, an expert in basement remodeling in Mt. Airy MD can give you tips about how to increase ventilation in your basement and deal with issues such as mold and moisture. Give your basement a makeover and transform it from a storage space to a living space.

3 Siding Options to Consider

Making the right choice in siding in Columbia, MD, is the best way to ensure you are fully satisfied with your home improvement project. There are several different options in siding. You don’t want to just go with what everyone else seems to pick. You want to find a siding that works for your needs, which is why it’s important to make sure you take the time to actually consider all your options.

Vinyl siding is by far the most popular option. It is durable and easy to care for. It also is easy to install. It makes a good choice for the majority of people because it is versatile and comes in many colors and styles. It’s also easy to clean and relatively low maintenance. Despite it’s many advantages, some people may find it doesn’t really work for their needs in siding in Columbia, MD.

Fiber cement board siding is actually starting to become a more popular choice. This type of siding is made from a cement, sand and cellulose mixture that is cured into boards and panels. It has a look similar to wood. However, it has low maintenance requirements and is very durable. It also is water-resistant and noncombustible. This type of siding is gaining in popularity, but it’s really as well-known as other options, so you may not feel comfortable going with this style.

Finally, there is wood siding. This is the traditional option. It does require more maintenance than other choices and is at risk for termite infestation. However, wood has a unique look and is often the only choice for certain home styles to help maintain the architectural integrity.

The choice in siding in Columbia, MD, is yours to make. Just make sure that you consider all the options. Think about what works best for your style of home. Also think about the maintenance involved. Ultimately, you want to get something that you can keep looking good for years to come.

The Bathroom: Your New At-Home Spa

When people consider remodeling part of their home, many overlook the bathroom space. However, the bathroom has great potential for a beautiful home renovation. You may have envisioned a luxury bathroom with its dual vanities, large walk in shower, and Jacuzzi lined with candles and then dismissed the idea as being too expensive. Renovations are certainly an investment, but you may not have considered the fact that bathroom remodeling is typically less expensive than redoing other rooms in your home. Your bathroom remodeling in Hampstead MD can turn your bathroom into the private getaway and at-home spa that you have always dreamed about.

In fact, this can be done simply by updating some of your older appliances. Whatever you decide to do, you can rest assured that your custom-designed remodeling will bring you the tranquility that you always imagined. Have you always dreamed of a whirlpool bathtub? There is truly nothing more relaxing than a spa like soak in the comfort of your own home. Meeting with a contractor who will oversee your bathroom remodeling in Hampstead MD will allow you to learn about the incredible possibilities available to even the smallest bathroom spaces. The vessel sink is another appliance that has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Although the sink may seem like such a marginal part of your home, you will be amazed by what a beautiful sink can add to any space.

Another difference in bathroom remodeling in Hampstead MD is the fact that the renovations will truly be custom-made. It is so apparent when a room has been designed by a pre-fabricated design plan from a bigger company. The truth is, no two rooms will look exactly the same because each house is unique. You should never have to compromise your unique style and décor, which is why choosing a hand-crafted renovation plan will fulfill any of your decorative desires.


Your New Kitchen Awaits

The kitchen is one of the most creative spaces in your home that has endless renovation possibilities. If you are considering remodeling any part of your home, chances are the kitchen is the first room that has come to mind. This is understandable, considering how much time is spent in that room and how the space is notorious for bringing loved ones together and creating both meals and memories. Your dreams of kitchen remodeling in Westminster MD can finally come to life with affordable options and a beautiful selection of products.

If you are not ready to commit to a full kitchen remodel, there are options for smaller updates that will make an incredible impact. Have you ever thought about replacing old countertops with beautiful granite tops? Have you imagined how custom-made cabinets might look above the sink? The beauty of wood will never be outdated, and Echelon cabinets will always be in style. Their natural beauty will be an unparalleled aspect of the room, and yet they are not so bold as to detract from the rest of the space. Trees of the same species will be used to ensure consistency, and yet each pattern will be slightly different due to natural influences of the climate where they were grown. There are so many areas to be focused on that can bring something unique to the overall feel of your kitchen.

Or perhaps you are ready to do a full room renovation, and are awaiting inspiration for your new space. There are many options for complete kitchen remodeling in Westminster MD. Some of these include traditional, country, contemporary, or even transitional. Allow a team of experts to help you find exactly which style appeals to you most and then create a renovation plan and timeline. Before you know it, you will be enjoying your beautiful new kitchen space.

3 Benefits of a Sunroom Your May Not Realize

Adding a sunroom onto your home is a great idea. You may think that it is just an extra space or maybe somewhere you can go to enjoy the outdoors while still being able to stay comfortable no matter the weather. However, the benefits of sunrooms in Hampstead, MD, are more than just getting an extra room.

By adding on a sunroom, you instantly improve the curb appeal of your home. It actually looks quite sleek from the outside and adds a new dimension to the overall look of your home. This is a great perk if you are going to be selling your home at some point. Many homes are sold easily if they have excellent curb appeal.

It doesn’t just make your home look good on the outside, though. A sunroom also improves the look inside your home. It can really open up your home’s interior by letting in light and providing a more open feel where the outdoors and indoors kind of meld together. Open concept is something that has been enjoying a lot of popularity, so again, if you decide to sell in the future, this is going to help make your home more attractive to buyers.

Letting in more light is also a good thing for you and your family. Sunlight is essential to good health. A sunroom will let more of it in, which will boost your mood and help your body with important functions. This is especially nice when the weather outside is bad and you are stuck inside for days. A sunroom can even fight off the winter blues since it will keep your home light and airy feeling.

The benefits of sunrooms in Hampstead, MD, can’t be overlooked. You may not have considered just how many there really are. The best part is that you get all these benefits for a fraction of the cost that an addition on your home would cost or other changes that offer similar benefits.

4 Considerations to Make Before Basement Remodeling

When you are doing basement remodeling in Westminster, MD, there are some things that you need to consider. A basement can become an amazing space, but if it isn’t remodeled correctly, you could run into problems. That is why it is smart to go over a few important points before you begin.

You have to think about your ceiling height. There are typically building codes that require a specific height for finished basements. Additionally, you need to have a good amount of head space in order for the new basement area to really be usable. Ceilings that are too low are going to greatly reduce your ability to fully enjoy the space and limit its uses.

Basements are often wet and damp. This is something you really need to investigate and fix before ever starting basement remodeling in Westminster, MD. You don’t want to spend a lot of money and time to remodel only to end up with moisture problems that make the space unusable.

Make sure that you really think out your layout. Generally, an open concept works best since basements will have lower ceilings and less natural light than other areas of your home. Cutting the basement up too much may cause a claustrophobic feeling.

Finally, always check the laws and code requirements. Make sure before you begin that you are legally able to renovate your basement in the way that you want and are not going to be in violation of any codes with your intended design.

Remodeling a basement can add a great new area to your home, increasing living space and your home’s value. However, basement remodeling in Westminster, MD, requires some planning if you want to do it right. When you consider ceiling height, moisture issues, the layout and the legal aspects before your begin, you will find the whole project goes much smoother.